PhD, GMICE (UK), & EIT (Canada)

  • Designed and analysed scaled meandering streams as evidenced by 5 technical reports on river flow, bank erosion & planimetric changes which improved knowledge on bank erosion.
  • Consulted lab and field projects (river bank, beach profile & dunes stabilization & PIV measurements in Ottawa) as demonstrated by improved project productivity.
  • Trained students in River Engineering & Hydrology resulted in enhanced learning.
  • Collected, analysed & visualised data evidenced by development of 5 technical documents.
  • Developed a novel sand-fixing technique resulted in enhanced flexibility in river research.
  • Supported & trained an MSc student (from TU München) in modeling as demonstrated by successful degree completion.
  • Developed numerical codes for sediment transport & erosion/deposition into a flow model. Modelled 2D scour (flow depth 0.14m) & trench migration (flow depth 0.39m & trench depth 0.17m) & post processed, analysed & visualised data, resulted in 2 technical reports.
  • Produced technical reports on construction of a wharf (water depth of 55m) & application of marine mattresses for erosion control in 7 marine projects resulted in enhanced engineering knowledge. 
  • Developed proficiency in flood risk assessment of bridges by designing experiments on river flooding hydrodynamics, local scour measurement using sonar & hydraulic loading and to improve UK transport infrastructure resilience & update UK’s CIRIA C742 manual
  • Efficient communication, client-facing skills, multidisciplinary teamwork, support & collaboration with UK clients in bridge management (e.g. Environment Agency, Network Rail & Devon County Council) international partners & modellers from 3 universities for proposal production & grant writing as verified via quality control & project administration
  • Quantitative skills in data post processing & analysis, programming, drawing, visualisation & instrumentation using +20 industries (identified via market knowledge) & international clients evidenced by 5 technical reports and presentations in 5 countries
  • Supported cost estimation, budget tracking and sticking to it, time management, scheduling, strategic planning & increasing productivity resulted in saving several thousand £
  • Conflict resolution, problem solving, Can-Do attitude; information management & website designer evidenced by cost reduction, effective use of resources & increasing project impact
  • Riprap design and construction for scour management at a model bridge pier
  • Did supervision of an MEng team, people management & supporting training on lab facility management, modeling flood flow and scour at bridge piers & data analysis evidenced by increased productivity and improved technical reports

Numerical Model Developer​ (coastal engineering)

University of Tehran, Iran

Mohsen Ebrahimi




  • River Engineering
  • Flood-Sediment-Bridge Interaction
  • Coastal Engineering
  • Modelling of  
    • Flow hydrodynamics
    • Morphological changes (e.g. scour & bank erosion)
    • Structure, flow & sediment interaction
  • Data Analysis & Visualization


Mar 2015 - Apr 2015

May 2015 - Oct 2018

Civil Engineer (part-time)

RAH POL IRAN, TEHRAN, IRAN (A construction company in Tehran established in 1986)

Numerical Code Developer (short term contract)

GEO Morphix Ltd., Milton, Canada

  • Developed a code for pre- to post-development hydrological analysis via using an open-source package (Scilab) resulted in saving license fee.Analyzed field data as demonstrated by interactive visualisation (maps, figures, charts).

Nov 2018 - Present

Sep 2006 - Sep 2008

Graphic Designer

Progressive Personal Business                                                                                         

  • Supervised & inspected construction site and planned specification, timeline revision & basic cost estimation in civil projects which resulted in improved construction workflow of projects.

Oct 2005 - Jul 2008

Specialised in River Engineering & Flood-Sediment-Bridge Interaction

  • Certified in Interactive Computer Graphics by U of Tokyo, Fundamentals of Graphic Design by the CA Inst. of the Arts, & Infographics & maps by the Michigan State U (online courses).
  • For commercial brands, magazines, books, festivals, music tracks & lyrics
  • Winner of 3 contests with hundreds of participants
  • Infographics design for a Water Scarcity campaign
  • Website & logo for 3 water-related projects at CWS

Jan 2009 - Jan 2015

River Engineer worked on Meandering Rivers Morphology

River and Estuarine Morphodynamics Lab.

Queen's University, Kingston, Canada

  • Scour protection assessment and review 
  • Assistant Project Manager
  • Assisting fee estimate, scoping out proposals and bid preparation 
  • Technical calculations for hydraulic structures 

2001 - Present

River Engineer working on Flood-Sediment-Bridge Interaction

Centre for Water Systems, University of Exeter, UK

CIVIL Engineer - River scour specialist

Mott MacDonald, Cambridge, UK

RAMB project